Foresight gc2 simulator

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Watch the Foresight GC2 in action!  This is an approach shot on the signature Par 3 at Royal Troon appropriately named "Postage Stamp" for the size of the green.  This shot was hit to 5 feet 8 inches and was converted for birdie on our indoor putting green.  A rare Postage Stamp birdie!


Are you worried about losing your rhythm over the winter that you have worked so hard to achieve?  Worry no more.  With this state of the art simulator you can continue to put the work in on your golf game over the winter months so you can hit the ground running next season.  Check out a few of these amazing simulator features.

driving range.jpg

Driving range

Watch your trajectories comes to life on our virtual driving range.  Trajectories and distances are captured in real time as you hit your shots.  Practice all shot shapes and track your yardages, what an advantage it would be to go into your next golf season knowing exactly how far you hit each club in your bag.

 Beautiful graphics with 6 premier courses to choose from

Beautiful graphics with 6 premier courses to choose from


Practice every club in the bag by playing one of 6 featured golf courses.  You wouldn't believe the accuracy!  And go one step further and select manual putting to take advantage of our indoor putting area.  Roll your putts instead of rolling the dice with typical simulator putting!!  Play well enough to shoot a course record and get your name up on our WALL OF FAME!!


Feature 3

Set up a Par 3 to any yardage and work on a specific iron or hybrid.  Try different shots for different yardages and lay out your assault on a green set to the yardage of your liking.



Go head to head with 15 different challenges including chip offs, flopping a shot over a pane of glass, par 3 yardages testing accuracy, and a long drive contest.  Most points wins!!  Gain enough points and get your name up on our WALL OF FAME!